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Favorite Activities in Brevard North Carolina | Top Attractions in Brevard NC

Favorite Activities

Brevard NC in the smoky mountains is truly a special place for so many reasons. There are a number of activities and past times that are absolutely huge draws that go on here.

Why Stay at Red House Inn verses a Hotel in Brevard or Hotel in Transylvania County? To experience the great things Brevard offers to the fullest, skip the big brand hotels like Holiday Inn Brevard and Hampton Inn Brevard and instead stay at a private B&B like Red House Inn. We can give you the best inside info on the nearby trails, community events, places to eat and make sure personally that your trip to Brevard is memorable forever. Here are some extra tips on the hottest attractions in Brevard NC.

Mountain Biking in Brevard NC

Brevard North Carolina is known as one of the top mountain biking locations in the entire country. Mtn bikers from all over come just to ride the trails in Pisgah Forest, Dupont Forest, and the surrounding areas.

You can easily bike down the street from the Red House Inn and jump right on Bracken Mountain Trail system. There are trails for miles on end, many of which have been a part of a revitalization project out of necessity for the droves of riders pouring in each year.

Mountain biking in Brevard means tons of options for riders of all skill levels. Brevard’s Mountain Bike Trails are intertwined with some of the nation’s most beautiful scenery and natural beauty. If you are a mountain biker, you will adore Brevard.

Pisgah Forest

Pisgah Forest is an iconic place for many reasons, not the least of which are the incredible hiking and biking trails, picnic areas, rushing waterfalls, wild flowers, white squirrels and much more. Did you know that Pisgah Forest is technically partially classified as a rain forest? Pisgah Forest has got tons to do. You can visit Looking Glass Falls, a pristine example of a “classic” waterfall tumbling deep into a cool basin and out along the river. You can enjoy the dozens of picnic areas nestled by trails, rushing waters, and quiet hollows. Be sure to visit the “Pink Beds”, some of the most unique and beautiful wildflower areas in the mountains. You can literally walk among them on touring platforms through the creaks and meadows.

Dare we forget Fly Fishing? The natural streams and rivers that run through Pisgah are an endless joy for fishing enthusiasts. You can drive in, park and cast away – or you can hike in and explore to find a great private spot to fish. Rather have help? There are wonderful guide companies and fly fishing specialists who take folks out for half day, full day, or custom fly fishing trips.

Did you know that the study of forestry originated in Pisgah Forest? The Cradle of Forestry sits in the heart of Pisgah Forest, receiving visitors to enjoy the original historic buildings of the first forestry school in America. There are also nearby museums, cafes, and visitors shop. One could easily spend all day or many days in and around beautiful Pisgah Forest.

Dupont State Forest

Dupont Forest is a 10,000 acre state forest located a short drive out of town. The forest boasts endless trails that even criss cross an old mountain top airport in one spot. The forest became well known as a result of being used in the films The Last of the Mohicans and The Hunger Games. There are loads of hiking, jogging, and biking trails of all difficulty levels.

The most popular spot in Dupont forest is the area boasting access to three separate waterfalls within a short walking distance. You can see Hooker Falls, Triple Falls (yes three together!) and also a bit higher up the hill High Falls. You can also access High Falls from an earlier parking area along Cascade road with a moderately flat walk for those who prefer that.

Dupont State Forest - Fun things to do in Brevard NC

Fly Fishing

Brevard North Carolina is a fly fishing heaven. Fly Fishing enthusiasts visit the region and never want to leave. We’ve even heard of stories of fly fishing lovers just up and moving here because they wanted to be close by to some of the country’s most pristine rivers and waterways. You can choose from tons of prime locations, or visit each one on a “fishing crawl”. Try Davidson River, Little River, or Avery’s Creek among others. That’s not to say that fly fishing is the only type of fishing going on in Brevard – there are rivers and lakes filled with endless stocks of your favorite catch.

Breweries in Brevard

Brevard has quickly become a “Beer Brewery Haven”. As mentioned on our other resources page, Beer Lovers from all over are delighted to learn that there are half a dozen options for micro-brews, imports, locals brews, as well as the new mega Sierra Nevada Taproom a 30 min drive away. But Oskar Blues is our true local pride and joy, and they enrich the experience for you by having a full blown Beer Trolley tour to Asheville and back!

Combine it all! Have an early fly fishing morning, grab some breakfast, jump on the bike or hiking trails, then reward yourself with one of Brevard’s great brews in the afternoon. Then come back to the Inn and tell us all about your day!

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