35 Oak Street, Brevard
North Carolina 28712, United States

The Oak Street Inn

About Us

Tracie and Daniel Trusler
Granger relaxing on the Oak Street Inn grounds

Tracie and Daniel are the former owners of the Red House Inn in Brevard and after a two-year break are bringing back their take on contemporary southern hospitality with the opening of the Oak Street Inn.

Tracie is a Brevard native and spent time growing up enjoying Pisgah National Forest and Sliding Rock before they became the popular attractions they are today. She continues to spend a great deal of free time hiking with Granger the dog and enjoying wildflowers and waterfalls of the forests. Tracie is excited to share the things she loves about her hometown. Changes in recent years have added many art galleries, breweries and restaurants that make Brevard a great place to live and visit on vacation. Before settling back in Brevard, Tracie spent a year as an exchange student in the UK and brought Daniel home as a souvenir in 1994 and they married in 1995.

Before being imported to North Carolina, Daniel lived in Cornwall in the southwest of the UK and spent free time surfing and biking. Daniel’s parents ran a bed and breakfast and this helped inspire an early love of eating and cooking good food. Even with this background it took Daniel some time to become comfortable making grits and biscuits, but general opinion is he has doesn’t do too bad for an import.

As Brevard is too far from the ocean for a surfer, Daniel has become an avid mountain biker and has spent the last 28 years enjoying the vast and diverse network of trails that Brevard has to offer.

Mountain Biking