35 Oak Street, Brevard
North Carolina 28712, United States

The Oak Street Inn


In 14 years of running the Red House Inn, handling cancellations was one of the most difficult and contentious parts of being an Innkeeper. As a small business, that like all other businesses, has to pay various expenses to operate and hopefully generate an income for the owners, any cancellation can have a severe impact on us. With only three rooms one cancellation cuts our revenue by one third if we cannot re-book the space.

We hope that all reservations are made in good faith but know that sometimes plans must change. We always regret imposing cancellation charges for any reason but we do adhere strictly to the cancellation policy. If you have concerns or questions about the cancellation policy or feel you are not or will not be willing to accept the terms, please contact us as soon as you receive your confirmation if you have booked over the phone,

If you are reserving online, you will be asked to accept the terms of the cancellation policy to complete the booking. Please make sure you read and understand the policy before accepting. If you have any questions, please call or email us.

When you make a reservation we ask for a 25 % deposit.
If you cancel with:
14 days or more notice: your deposit will be refunded minus a $25.00 fee to cover credit card charges and administration
Less than 14 days but more than seven days: the 25% deposit collected will be retained.*
Notice of seven days or less: the amount due for the entire reservation will be retained as a cancellation fee.*

*If we are able to re-book the room to cover the cancelled dates we will refund any deposit or room charges retained as cancellation fees less the $25.00 administration fee.

We recommend buying travel insurance if you’re concerned about the cancellation policy. We have been traveling quite a bit the last few years since our daughter is living in the UK now and found having a yearly policy is very convenient. Like with most insurance, we hope we don’t have to use it.

Our pet friendly room is The Studio. If you have more than one pet traveling with you, please contact us.

For other questions, see our FAQ page.